Fuyang rolled out substantial measures to retain talents

Fuyang District of Hangzhou rolled out Several Opinions on Attracting Talents and Invigorating the District with the Industry on September 2. According to the Opinion, Fuyang will create a favorable environment for the talents by stepping up industrial transition, promoting talent pooling and providing better services for the talents.

To accelerate industrial transition, a bonus of up to 5 million yuan will be granted to newly-accredited national, provincial and municipal-level enterprise technology centers (enterprise R&D centers) and key laboratories (engineering technology R&D centers).

To pool talents, a comprehensive subsidy of up to 100 million yuan will be granted to top international and domestic talents who start a business in Fuyang. For talents who have been accepted by various national (provincial and municipal) talents programs, a maximum subsidy of 5.5 million yuan will be provided for their settlement in the city and a maximum subsidy of 8 million yuan will be provided for house purchasing and rental.

To provide better services, the children of the relevant talents will be arranged to study in public schools; talents engaged in advanced programs will be provided with direct medical service card as well as various other convenient services; accredited high-level talents may enjoy preferential policies in house purchasing; talents who have settled down in Hangzhou with registered permanent residence may purchase a second house without being subjected to the condition of five-year settlement.