Students are inspired by informative sports activities in Hangzhou

Hangzhou is growing into a happy hunting ground for the 19th Asian Games, with residents flocking to enjoy sports activities highlighting the sportsmanship of this great event. In a new semester, various activities are held in the campus of Hangzhou to greet the Asian Games.

By integrating the sports elements of the Asian Games, Hangzhou Shibanqiao Kindergarten has carried out the Asian Games touring activity, so that cute children can participate in the related games, such as “Parkour Brave”, “Ball League” and “Sports Expert”.

During the activity, children can understand and greet the Asian Games as a little host, which improves their health and cultivates the sportsmanship of sunshine and perseverance.

At the Opening Ceremony of Hangzhou Wenlan Primary School, Shao Yiwen, the swimming champion of the 16th Asian Games, was invited to tell her own story of the Asian Games to children. In the activity, the Asian Games Torch was relayed from Shao Yiwen to Principal Zhou Xiaoting, teacher representative, and young pioneer representative, which symbolized the inheritance.

Shao Yiwen enriches the children’s knowledge of the Asian Games, passes on the tenacious and persistent spirit of the Asian Games to students, and encourages them learn how to live and study and how to find self-value.