Visual feast of various gymnastics skills

“Exciting Hangzhou” ICBC Cup National Gymnastics Championships 2022 officially kicked off at Huanglong Sports Center Gymnasium in Zhejiang on September 4, and 224 athletes from 21 teams across the country will compete for 6 straight days here.

Top athletes assembled at the Asian Games Venue which was well recognized for its advanced facilities. It is the first national event staged here since the renovation of Huanglong Sports Centre. The championships has not only witnessed the vigorous images of many champions, but has also fully tested the quality of the venue. Athletes sung high praise of the facilities of the Asian Games Venue and looked forward to making new breakthroughs in the upcoming Asian Games.

Citizens may watch the championships by buying tickets. The spectators of the Championships include elders and newborns. They are all grateful to have the chance of seeing the champions in person and are amazed at the seamless funnel-shaped LED screen and other advanced facilities. All the details in sporting services enable audiences to have a better view of the competition from all directions and enjoy it. For example, the venue provides strollers, wheelchairs and other dedicated facilities to serve the vulnerable group.