The Asian Games goes with public welfare

September 5 is the Charity Day of China. In order to stage a people-centered pageant Asian Games that is participated and shared by all, Hangzhou Asian Games goes with public welfare to establish Hangzhou Asian Games Public Welfare System with the large-scale public action of “seeking for 2022 Asian Games aspirations” as the focus. Such combination will enrich material heritages, and accelerate Hangzhou’s process in building an international metropolis.

The Asian Games sports work with the Asian Games public welfare to realize public sharing and common prosperity. The activity has donated 2022 schools with “Asian Games Football Dream” to enable children to pursue their football dream. Olympic champions give PE lessons at rural primary schools. Schools for impaired students and nursing centers for the impaired have received sports facilities specially made for the impaired.

Sports contribute to the harmonious development of people, while public welfare focuses on humanistic feelings. Hangzhou Asian Games Public Welfare has reached over 30 provinces in China, as well as Japan, Malaysia and other countries to promote the exchange of civilizations and highlight the Olympic spirit.

In addition, public welfare is backed up by the Asian Games sponsors and helps to promote the enterprise brand, Asian Games brand and city brand. The core technologies of the enterprises refresh the depth, extent and caring intensity of the Asian Games Public Welfare to enable people-centered sports.