Hangzhou accredits 53 new rural (community) museums

In order to record and preserve regional civilization, Zhejiang Provincial Cultural Heritage Administration issued documents to support extensive construction of modern rural museums that have rich cultural deposits and distinctive local features. Hangzhou has recently added 53 accredited rural (community) museums which will be open to the public for free. This indicates that all the tasks of provincial and municipal level people-centered practical projects have been completed in advance.

Featured by local rural culture, these museums help to boost self-confidence of rural areas for their culture. For example, Shunan Exhibition Center of Qiantang District falls into seven units, including “Liangzhu Culture”, and “Shang & Zhou Culture”, to clearly narrate the historical and cultural venation of Shunan Village. Fuyang Yuan-era Book Paper Culture Exhibition Center in Fuyang District displays the complicated procedures for the production of the papers of books in the Yuan Dynasty and promotes the image of Fuyang as the “China Hometown of Bamboo Paper”.

One of the features of Hangzhou’s rural (community) museums is that they are  characteristic celebrity culture museums based on the locality to serve the community. For example, Chen Duoru Exhibition Center of Xiaoshan District displays the history of business development of bankers during the period of the Republic of China, demonstrating the rich cultural deposits and strong commercial atmosphere in Linpu, where the museum is located.

In addition, museums are combined to present theme exhibitions. They also invite the local cultural bureau and medias to jointly publicize and display the distinguished cultures of respective districts and provide the museum maps for the public’ s quick references to the distinguished cultures of the museum.