The “Asian Games” painted aircraft made debut

The “Asian Games” painted aircraft themed by the torch officially made debut on August 8. The aircraft fuselage was used as a large screen for the 3D mapping on the site.

So far, all the 12 Hangzhou Asian Games painted aircraft have made public appearance, bringing the bright colors of “Asian Games” to the blue sky while presenting poetic Hangzhou and charming Zhejiang through dynamic and static visual images.

In addition, the elements of the Asian Games are shown in the interior decorations and activities within the cabin to enrich and upgrade the passengers’ experience. The painted aircraft will be mainly arranged for the airlines departing from Hangzhou. The passengers taking Loongair will have the chance to see the painted aircraft with their own eyes.

With the magnificently painted aircraft flying in the blue sky over major cities in China, Hangzhou Asian Games is making warm invitation to the people around Asia and the world.