The Hypergravity Laboratory and Hangzhouxi Station witness the growth of Yuncheng

Hangzhouxi Station, the west wing of Hangzhou railway hub, will be put into use soon since Huzhou-Hangzhou Section of Hefei-Hangzhou High-speed Rail entered trial operation. Centered on Hangzhouxi Station, a fabulous metropolis hailed as Yuncheng has gradually taken shape as the urban construction surrounding the station, from industry to residential houses and transportation, progresses in the wake of station construction.

Construction Site of the Hypergravity Laboratory

Hangzhouxi Station Hub

Creative industry has also taken shape in Yuncheng. The Hypergravity Laboratory, a national key project, is in the progress of main engine rooms and upper structure construction and is expected to be completed and put into use in 2024.

The construction of Yuncheng progressed despite COVID-19 pandemic due to the joint efforts of young officials and the construction team. In the future, Yuncheng will become the new driving force of the greater corridor in promoting the industrial upgrading and economic development based on the sci-tech innovation and breakthrough.